Spectrum Web Design

What is Web Design

Many people ask the question - “what is web design?”. There isn’t an exact answer but generally what the term is referring to is creating web pages about a product, company, hobby or interest. These pages would then be able to be viewed via an internet browser, such a Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Where the “design” part of the phrase comes from is generally making the page appealing to readers.

Before the “world wide web”  (WWW) was created all internet pages were text only. With the advent of the WWW and web browsers people we able to add pictures and graphics to web pages and even sound and video.

Good web design makes pages pleasing for the readers to view. Great web design makes pages pleasing to view for humans - and easy to digest by “spiders”.

Spiders or “bots” are automated programs that trawl around the WWW searching for what content is on each website.  Search Engines then use this data for “ranking” pages when they display search results to their users.

Some of the most “eye pleasing” websites around are indeed great for humans to look at, but give nothing to the spiders to read - and therefore rank the website.

There is very little point in creating a website if no one is ever going to find it to read it.

So when you are searching for someone to design your website make sure that they understand the difference between  a humanly pleasing website and one that will please both the readers and the search bots.